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Welcome to Trade CO.,LTD, we are a honest supplier in China.From 2005 to 2019.We have done business 10 years with buyer all over the world.Our products are copy 1:1,but AAA quality.If you are a new customer,you can order one sample first time test our service and goods quanlity.Recently Some buyer are cheated through western union,moneygram,bank transfer(T/T) from other supplier in China.Then some buyer cheated us through paypal.No matter buyer or seller,it is bad thing.Do business,hope that supplier and customer are honest.Pls kindly understand.
Our moneygram informations


First name : qiaozhong (QIAOZHONG)
Last name : weng(WENG)
Address : Putian,Fujian,China
Zipcode : 351100


skype  :zx1116135

     Whatsapp  +86  13850249224  (China)

  Our salesman MSN addresses are only the ones above, If any other addresses, he must be not in our company and he maybe a cheater in the internet, thanks!